Retiring legacy systems, while keeping the data active

Legacy systems happen to all business as they mature. Regardless of the thoroughness of the planning, eventually changes in the business create a need to retire older systems. This need requires decisions to be made relative to legacy systems and preserving their related data. One frequent cause of server retirement is the cost of renewing software license(s) or maintaining hardware. The cost may no longer be in line with what the business needs. The decision can cause conflict if the data on that system is valuable and still needs to be accessible.

One place for Product Data

With Encompass Product Navigation, the legacy data can be included as an additional data source. Rather than keep the server running, the data can be exported into a format that Product Navigation understands and rolled into the existing data Index. The system does not need to be available after the data export and can be safely retired. No additional maintenance or software licensing costs are required. Simplification is another reason for retiring a legacy system while keeping the data available. Users already working with Encompass Product Navigation to Find, Use and Publish would benefit from having an additional data source. Essentially, migrating the data from a legacy system (as previously explained) provides one place for the user to go for their product data needs. This eliminates cases in which users:

  • Are not aware of legacy systems/data.
  • Do not know how to access legacy systems/data.
  • Might not know that legacy data is available for them.

Additionally, the fact that the new data is read only (post migration) potentially makes security and access more straightforward. Having the data remain available makes the actual retirement of the legacy system an easier transition from the IT perspective. Instead of a server being available one day and gone the next, the data can be migrated ahead of the retirement.  The actual user migration can be executed over time versus a big bang approach.

Legacy systems can be complex in their implementation, but retiring the system with the data still available is simple with Encompass Product Navigation. What could you accomplish with the potential cost savings and user satisfaction?

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