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For manufacturing companies, maximizing efficiency relies deeply on the IT organization. IT attempts to find creative ways to locate the needed information. Find out how Encompass helps deliver product data unmatched in quality, immediacy and easy-of-use, giving the IT organization the information they need to make smarter decisions faster.
With IT in Mind: Encompass and the Enterprise

Cisco’s parts database made it progressively problematic to uncover meaningful information for making decisions. Learn how Cisco overcame these productivity challenges with the implementation of Encompass.
Driving Reuse in the Supply Chain: The Cisco Systems Journey

In the following White Paper we will be examining a scenario around building your own search-based application vs buying a COTS solution. Taking this step is an important consideration for an organization, with the decision having a long-term impact on resources, time-to-market for new products and overall business efficiency.
Decision Support: Building vs Buying


Greg Twiss, Cisco’s director of engineering-supply chain, shows examples of Intelligent Search’s cost savings and increased productivity. See how Encompass fuels parts reuse and information-gathering efficiency within Cisco’s Supply Chain.
Driving Reuse in the Supply Chain through Intelligent Search

Cristi Holland Lau of Harris Corporation lead a webinar with Mark Hepburn, Perception’s VP of Products and Services. The webinar covered Harris’ story of navigation of their data with Encompass. Watch today!
Product Data: Eliminate the Haystack, Navigate to the Needle


Oracle Agile PLM provides some of the necessary information decision makers need to create sound conclusions. However, PLM does not offer the full spectrum of data users need. See how Encompass Product Navigation goes beyond PLM to gather complete information for decision-making.
Encompass Product Navigation – Agile PLM Brief

The best practice for Step One of PLM is to understand what product data you have and what condition it is in, prior to migrating it into the system. It’s critical to see the product data in the various systems before putting in the time and effort to migrate it. Read how Encompass gives you a unified view of your product data before you start your data migration.
Step One in PLM – Encompass Product Navigation

Data Sheets

Encompass is a search-based software that provides essential data to its users. Learn how product engineers can navigate to all the critical information they need to build great products.
Encompass Support Navigation Datasheet

Encompass Product Navigation Datasheet

These solutions connect the resources users need to design and develop products efficiently. See how EDAConnect helps companies quickly develop products on time and at the lowest possible cost.
EDAConnect Datasheet

EDAConnect for Arena Datasheet

As a new capability included in EDAConnect eCAD Library Connector, AgileXPLORER leverages your current investment in Oracle Agile PLM while enhancing the user’s product data navigation capabilities. See how this solution allows product decision makers to make better, faster decisions.
AgileXPLORER Datasheet

EDAConnect Usage Flows (Cadence)

EDAConnect Usage Flows (Mentor Graphics)

Connectors Guide

Extend the deep search capability of AgileXPLORER such as full free-text search, detailed parametric search, and interactive navigation of the rich data contained within your Agile Product Collaboration module.
Product Collaboration Connector Datasheet

Our navigation solutions intelligently reuse your part search criteria to populate a New Part Request inside of Oracle Agile PLM. This critical module processes requests to enforce the overall project, supply chain, manufacturing and procurement objectives.
New Part Request Connector Datasheet

Data connector guides allow the navigation solutions to seamlessly attach to multiple data sources. For example, Agile PLM, IHS CAPS Universe or Salesforce.com are some of the connector options.
3rd Party Connector Guides for Encompass and EDAConnect