Re: “Security and permissions are showstoppers to adopt search”

Oleg Shilovitsky, a senior director at Autodesk, recently gave his opinion on obstacles to effective enterprise search. Perception Software President and CEO Darryl Worsham responded to Mr. Shilovitsky with the following:

Nice work Oleg,

It’s been our observation that for the search solution to be truly “Enterprise Graded,” it must have access control capabilities pointed toward people, sources systems and individual data items. The search solutions must be additive within the enterprise security framework as well as embrace and extend the existing security capabilities of the enterprise.

Of the 5 items you referenced from the article, we completely agree that 4 of them are the search vendors responsibility to address. With that said, the one statement we find somewhat troubling is the following: “The majority of respondents indicated they are not confident that their organization’s existing permissions are accurate.” This implies that even with perfect security, those enterprises won’t use search, and that is the one item we don’t see a search vendor, security vendor or an ice cream vendor resolving. In our opinion a great way to understand where your issues reside is to utilize a portion of your workforce (crowd source) to find and fix those issues. Use the smart people in your company to help you fix the problems and then give them great solutions that allow them to fix their problems.

We enjoy your musings!

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