Re: “Search & Discover Solutions: A Google-Like Experience?”

Recently, Dick Bourke of posted an article about the structure of search and discover solutions (SDS), specifically how users were looking for a “Google-like” experience when searching for part data, BOMs, or anything else stored across an enterprise. You can read the article here.

Perception Software President and CEO Darryl Worsham had this to say in response to Mr. Bourke’s article:

Nice article Dick with an assist from Dana [Nickerson, President of Plural Technology]. Honestly, our users are asking for more of an Amazon like experience versus a Google experience. Precision matters around product data. Google is like boiling the ocean whereas Amazon gives me pretty good set of specifications for the boat I want to sail on the water, within a few clicks.

It’s been our experience that the bookends to a great SDS, especially around product data inside the enterprise, are users. Coupling the power of the user’s tribal knowledge, creativity and intuitiveness with the precision and navigation of the discovery/search solution makes for better product outcomes. By combining software analytics with the gifting of the human (we call it “Humalytics”), a high quality data environment is created.

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