Keeping Customers Happy And Keeping Customer Service More Productive

 When it’s your challenge to figure out why a customer is experiencing a technical issue, and the best way to resolve it, the first thing you need to do is get your hands on all the relevant information that’s available to assess what’s happening. And you need to do it without wasting your time or the customer’s while you try to figure out where to find the data you need. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever know about all the sources of data that are out there, or that you’ll be able to get access to them even if you do.

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Pulling together complete information for support resolution

To provide all the information needed to quickly and completely resolve technical support issues, Encompass Support Navigation aggregates relevant data in multiple systems – from issue information in CRM systems like, to defect data in a variety of engineering systems. Support engineers can see instantly where an issue is being reported, whether engineering has addressed it and, if so, how.

Speeding resolution by providing information fast

With Encompass Support Navigation, technical support experts no longer have to waste time manually searching for information in a multitude of places, and then painstakingly copying and pasting it into one view. Instead, they automatically get exactly what they need, delivered directly to them, and presented in whatever form they prefer, including reverse chronological display.

Providing quality information for better resolution

Because it aggregates information from every relevant source and presents it comprehensively, Encompass Support Navigation provides the most accurate and complete picture possible of an issue. As a result, it’s more likely to lead to an effective and lasting resolution for the customer.

Easy integration into existing technology environments

Other intelligent search software for technical support can be costly and difficult to bring into existing IT environments. Encompass Support Navigation is specifically designed to connect with existing CRM and engineering systems with minimal reconfiguration.

Connecting search users to the outside world

Data connectors allow the Encompass platform to seamlessly attach to multiple data sources. For example, Agile PLM, IHS CAPS Universe or are some of the connector options. The connectors are non-disruptive, which means you connect to the data source without disturbing the workflow. They are highly configurable, which allows fine-tuning for each specific data source.