Closing the Loop Between ECAD and PLM

There’s no question that sharing information between ECAD and PLM can be beneficial for both design engineers and product lifecycle managers. The question is how to enable effective collaboration between them without adding unnecessarily to engineering overhead.

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Enabling effective release of design data to PLM

EDAConnect automates the process of publishing ECAD design information to PLM, making the process efficient and consistent. It literally takes a single click for engineering to provide the design intelligence needed to drive informed decisions relating to procurement, supply chain management, change management and other key areas throughout the product lifecycle.

Delivering timely, accurate design information for PLM purposes

Before EDAConnect, the only way ECAD information ever made its way to PLM was if engineering sent it to a document control specialist to organize it appropriately and submit it. EDAConnect automates the process to eliminate that step, ensuring the accuracy of design information and its timely delivery.

Providing up-to-date enterprise data for engineering

EDAConnect enriches the ECAD library with critical enterprise data in key areas such as cost, risk and availability. This enables design engineers to make better part selections from within the ECAD tools, reducing costly rework later in the development

Enabling effective BOM management

BOM information is critical to managing the success of a new product. Without current, accurate BOM information driving the PLM system, it’s impossible to make optimal purchasing and other choices. EDAConnect provides direct integration with the ECAD design environments to extract relevant data that will enable collaboration, increase visibility and drive better product decisions.

Automating change management for engineering

EDAConnect facilitates the change management process of your PLM system,  automatically populating the affected items, BOM redlines and updated attachments. This enables timely, consistent and complete execution of the PLM change management process.

Integrating with existing ECAD implementations

EDAConnect allows for simple deployment and configuration to your engineering and business process, with little or no effect on the normal ECAD design flow. Whether as part of a new-implementation or an existing PLM solution, it makes the engineering and business process consistent while still allowing PLM and ECAD environments to upgrade independently.

Future Proofing

ECAD tools and Enterprise software are constantly upgrading which may require additional services to maintain traditional, custom integration solutions.  EDAConnect’s product based approach provides the confidence that you can upgrade your environments on your schedule. EDAConnect provides standard product updates to the latest ECAD and PLM environments, without the need to rebuild the integration, saving time, and money.

Supported PLM System

Arena PLM  – Cloud based PLM system

Oracle/Agile PLM 9.3.2 and above  – Industry Leading on Premise PLM

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