Product Data – It’s what’s in between that matters

Much of the information that is used to develop and deliver new products to market is not the data that’s on the surface. It’s the information that’s hidden in between parts, products and systems.  For example, a small piece of mica, with a cost of less than one cent, may be found to be defective.  Sure, it’s important to know about the piece-part having an issue, but what may have more impact is how it’s related to other parts, systems, products and projects. It may turn out that this mica insulator is defective, causing a multi-dollar part to prematurely fail.  On the surface, it may appear the failing part is the problem. However, the information between shows that this mica insulator is common across many products, which don’t use the same failing device. Therefore, it’s the information in between or the relationships that can be much more important.  Having the ability to not only identify the low-level item but also, quickly understand what other products the item affects, who else might be considering that item, or where in various documents is that item referenced are examples of the information “in between” enabling insight.

Our solutions such as Encompass Product Navigation and AgileXPLORER make the valuable information in between as accessible as the rest of the information by allowing fluid navigation across PLM, ERP, CAD, Quality, Business Intelligence data and other sources of data all related to the product record. Not only looking at the information provided by each system but also, allowing navigation of the insights between them. Yes, the product data itself is critical but, it may very well be that what’s in between is what matters most.

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