Perception Software announces AgileXPLORER Free Edition for Oracle Agile PLM

AUSTIN, Texas—November 3, 2014 Perception Software today released AgileXPLORER Free Edition, an application that offers Amazon-like search results on product data housed inside of Oracle’s (NYSE:ORCL) Agile Product Lifecycle Management solution. AgileXPLORER Free Edition enables the user to quickly navigate to key product data in order to make better and faster decisions.

“This solution has the potential to dramatically improve the value proposition for our Agile PLM customers,” Stephen Porter, chief executive officer of Zero Wait-State said. “Giving companies more control over their data and new ways to use the information is a big differentiator for Agile PLM. We look forward to working with Perception and our clients to develop compelling solutions in data quality, costing, compliance, and analytics while leveraging the enhanced navigation capabilities AgileXPLORER offers.”

As Oracle Agile PLM becomes more and more the single source of truth for all things product data inside the Enterprise, AgileXPLORER Free Edition gives the individual user the ability to easily and quickly connect to the system and gain a wide variety of insights from navigating the product data housed there. Users can catalog the product data they care about, as well as achieve high performance and guided navigation, along with faceted search. All the while interacting with the results to enhance their product decisions.

“Our customers can now get a first-hand view of the power of AgileXPLORER Free Edition by interacting with data housed in Agile PLM to better design, build and support their products,” Mark Hepburn, co-founder and vice president of product management and services of Perception said. “We’re creating productivity solutions that provide product data insights while also exposing the users to additional valuable options they might not know exist.

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About Perception Software

Perception Software’s mission is to make manufacturers more productive by delivering navigation solutions to product and support decision-makers that help them design, build and support great products. Perception is a team of innovators bringing the power of product navigation with an Amazon-like experience for engineering, supply chain and operations communities.

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