Mining more value out of your existing Agile PLM system* highlights five ways to extend the life of your car:

  1. Follow your vehicle’s service schedule
  2. Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly
  3. Go easy during start-up
  4. Listen for odd noises
  5. Lastly, one that is difficult for many, drive calmly

On paper, this sage automobile advice makes sense to better leverage my investment, but what if I told you that you could get better gas mileage (improved capability) but also locate better available parking spots at a restaurant before you arrived (new capability)? Now, that is real leverage.

The ability to leverage our existing investment to make things run longer, stronger and extend its lifetime of usage is part of our innovative culture. Let’s apply our automobile analogy to an Oracle Agile PLM system. Is there a way I can capture more knowledge all ready contained in Agile PLM faster and with better clarity to make decisions? The answer is YES!

I’m excited to introduce AgileXPLORER. It’s the purpose-built application that not only leverages your investment in Agile PLM but offers new capabilities, as well. Here are a few highlights of how AgileXPLORER extends and improves the “life” of your Agile PLM system:

  1. SUB-SECOND search results (extending capability)
  2. Searches ALL objects with Agile PLM, even the history tab (new capability)
  3. Guided Navigation and Search refinements available WITHOUT conducting a new search (new capability)
  4. Search and Highlight document attachment content (extending capability)

All of these are possible in conjunction with your own Agile PLM instance. With the adoption of AgileXPLORER, enterprises can open the full potential of Agile PLM. You can navigate to more precise results, faster!

In closing out our car comparison, one’s practical side wants to leverage a good investment while one’s flamboyant side doesn’t mind others having a little car envy. The same is true for AgileXPLORER, which possesses high-performance search and navigation along with decision-support capabilities that allows you to rev your Agile PLM engine. Add the easy-to-use interface of AgileXPLORER that’s purpose-built for the Agile PLM user and you start to get the sense that others around you have solution envy.

Today, find out how you can better leverage Agile PLM with AgileXPLORER.

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