A Smart Approach to Intelligent Navigation

Providing product decision makers with the information they need to get quality products to market fast poses a formidable IT challenge. Migrating all product data into one repository is impractical, if not impossible, not to mention very expensive. Building an in-house application to connect multiple data sources is a resource-intensive proposition that’s increasingly hard to justify. Couple these demands with the need to comply with the functional capabilities of any Enterprise application and it’s clear the challenges are real.  Enter Encompass: an enterprise-graded solution that solves this problem by delivering intelligent navigation without the limitations of either of those approaches listed above.

Buying instead of building makes economic and strategic sense. 

Many enterprise IT organizations are perfectly capable of building an intelligent navigation solution. But, as the saying goes, just because you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean you should. As IT resources become increasingly constrained, funneling them into long-term, non-core software development – particularly an app that will require frequent upgrades – becomes a less attractive proposition, especially when an effective COTS solution like Encompass is available. Encompass can quickly scale to meet your changing business needs and support is one call away.

Lightweight deployment means less IT complexity and more flexibility.

Encompass offers both a cloud-based solution and on-premise solutions. In either case, Encompass can be quickly implemented, upgraded, and easily scaled. Additionally, with the cloud-based solution, it also means it deploys easily to a large number of users across the enterprise and they can easily and flexibly access data from the cloud, including through mobile devices.Enterprise Grading Checklist

Enterprise-grade technology satisfies every fundamental requirement.

As a true enterprise-grade application, Encompass meets the requirements of large-scale organizations and their IT teams. It works seamlessly with existing databases and applications such as CRM, ERP and PLM, as well as many others. And it also conforms to standard architecture patterns such as 3 tier and data persistence.

Enterprise-grade security lets you control how data is accessed.

Encompass provides layered, enterprise-grade security, strong authentication and authorization controls, and easy integration with existing enterprise systems. The application is customizable to meet the site-specific requirements of the enterprise, giving IT the flexibility to control individual user access to important data. Encompass also keeps your data safe, with no corruption or data loss.

Data connectors extract data without disrupting data flows.

With access to 20+ data connectors, Encompass connects to a variety of existing data sources to extract data and deliver it to product decision makers. Encompass does it without slowing data response times, so it won’t disrupt data flows for users of other applications.

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