Perception Software’s Giving Tree

Projects and Products come and go but it’s the People that Matter

We’re not in Kansas anymore!  It’s an old saying that is totally applicable towards what is going on in the manufacturing and engineering arenas today. Innovation is underway from 3D printing and the promise of hardware becoming Agile to the explosion of cloud technologies. The merging of mechanical, electrical and software in the internet of things, as well as, factory of the future initiatives. Clearly we’re not Kansas anymore! Right now is an exciting time to be alive.

Even while we push the leading edge of some of these changes and sometime totally immerse ourselves in these initiatives, it is important that we always look for ways, big and small, to give back.  As we proceed through Fall, into the Thanksgiving season, it is an excellent time to stop and reflect on things we are thankful for.  I am honored to work with a team that over the last two and a half years has taken some of the provision of what we’ve made and given it back to our local communities.  You see, for many the excitement of the next wave of innovation has been derailed because of lack of access or sadly because of tragedy or loss.

The picture below is of Perception’s Giving Tree where each logo reflects a local charity our team has chosen in our communities to support. The charities we’ve supported so far tackle issues of education, hunger, abuse, mental health and many more for those who are underserved.


By allowing each team member to pick a charity that’s important to them we’ve taken a personal stake in bettering our communities. This helps us maintain our mindset that while projects and products do come and go, investing in people is what matters the most. Here’s to seeing our tree flourish in the upcoming years.

Giving Tree Charities

NICU Helping Hands

Special Olympics Texas



Capital Area Food Bank

Bethany’s House

Capital Area Parkinson’s Society

Colin’s Hope

Austin Child Guidance Center

Feel free to visit the charities to see more about the causes Perception Software has supported.

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