Factory of the Future and Model based Engineering

The way electronic products are being developed is evolving into a much more collaborative environment.  To be successful with a new product development no longer means identifying all the requirements upfront and then water falling through the execution phases. Things are changing and iterative approaches are becoming the norm. Along with the expectation of supporting on-demand manufacturing, agile develop methodologies and tighter integration with multiple technical domains. The ability to effectively participate in this evolving ecosystem requires systems that allow iterations at all levels.

Model Based Engineering

Model Based Engineering techniques allow this to start early with shared access to an evolving model of the product that enables collaboration.  The ability to locate the information to make choices demands fast exploratory technologies to walk through past and present product data:

  • Allow participants to find what they need from hardware, software, and manufacturing information systems, as well as enterprise and procurement systems.
  • To effectively make use of this data, the resulting data must easily be incorporated into existing tools and workflows
  • Enable product decisions to be easily published back to the shared model.

Solutions such as our AgileXPLORER and EDAConnect enable users to find, use and publish product data. This allows collaborative and adaptive product decisions.

Close-Looped Collaboration

When looking to make the move to a Model Based Engineering and/or a Factory of the Future initiative, look for solutions that provide a close-looped approach to collaboration such as Perceptions Engineering Collaboration Solution. Also look for solutions that allow integration with existing Engineering tools, product development processes and data, while proving flexibility to leverage capabilities being driven by new on-demand and agile product development methodologies.

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