Encompass Showcase: Introduction

Welcome to Encompass! Encompass Product Navigation is Perception Software’s enterprise search application designed to help decision-makers save time, money, and resources by aggregating data, such as BOMs and product information, from across an organization’s multitude of different platforms, like product lifecycle management or enterprise resource planning, and displaying that data in a easy-to-use, intelligently searchable view. This helps an engineer make a smart decision about using a specific part for example and includes information like where the part has been used in the past, how long the part has been in use, who the vendor was for the part, and how much the part costs.

Encompass securely and seamlessly integrates with existing systems without disrupting data or normal business activity, therefore eliminating risk for the business. Encompass also doesn’t conflict with any security policies already in place across platforms and in some cases, improves upon them. We’d like for you to try out Encompass! Please fill out the short form below, and you can get started with the cloud-based trial of Encompass, no downloading required. We’ll show you some short instructional videos on how to navigate Encompass for certain test cases and then have you try it out for yourself.

We’d like to thank our friends at IHS who, through their CAPS Expert, have allowed us to collect some sample product data for use in this demo. CAPS Universe provides access to critical information on over 420 million electronic components, electro-mechanical parts and fasteners, from over 3,500 worldwide manufacturers, in more than 400 part categories. With CAPS Universe, organizations can achieve environmental compliance, avoid parts obsolescence or unplanned redesigns, eliminate costly last-time buys, enhance supply chain management, and conform with current legislation for conflict minerals and authorized distributors.