Driving New Efficiencies in Agile Product Development

The Agile Product Development Methodology is gaining widespread adoption across diverse companies and projects. Agile’s emphasis on communication, collaboration and transparency-in-process with high quality deliverables is undoubtedly convincing, even to the most rigid companies.  The specific flavor of Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc) may differ, but the need for powerful tools that will support successful projects is universal.

Picture the vast ocean of data that your Agile team needs to make sense of before determining requirements for the next release candidate. Most companies have multiple data sources which all must be considered in the decision making process. How can the data research be done quickly? Enter Encompass Product Navigation to empower the team to get the data they need, quickly and accurately.

Encompass Product Navigation is able to aggregate various data sources and make them searchable in one clear, unified view. Having all the relevant data available quickly and in one source eliminates waste from the team discussions and research. Imagine a Sprint planning session where the team is able to consider product details without derailing the discussion to check five different tools! Encompass becomes the product data hub to fuel the Sprint sessions.  Having part details will aid the team in the build versus buy discussions that are critical in determining scope, resources and level of effort.

With Encompass Product Navigation, Developers will be able to:

  • Make decisions based on part availability
  • Quickly investigate prior usage of a part
  • Compare options quickly and accurately in one source

The reporting capabilities within Encompass can both aid in communicating part selections to team members as well as optimize detailed documentation of key parts. Because all the detailed information is available in one tool, key information can be exported simply for sharing and documentation purposes.

Speed, simplicity and accuracy are requirements for any Agile approach. Encompass Product Navigation helps to empower the team and is a must-have for all part data needs.

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