Mining more value out of your existing Agile PLM system* highlights five ways to extend the life of your car: Follow your vehicle’s service schedule Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly Go easy during start-up Listen for odd noises Lastly, one that is difficult for many, drive calmly On paper, this sage automobile advice makes sense to better leverage my investment, but what if… Read More »

Meaning of Data, Part 2: Part Description

In the previous installment of this miniseries, we talked about why Perception has taken keen interest in data quality. We know part numbering and part descriptions contribute to majority of the problems around part data quality. So, let’s take a look at an actual example from our experience. Meet the part description string. Part Description Also… Read More »

When the Engineer meets the MBA: Connecting eCAD to Oracle Agile PLM

Two sets of the Same Data in Different Places In the majority of high-tech manufacturing companies the part library is the primary focal point for electrical designs (eCAD). This is certainly true for the electrical engineers who want to interact with the part library via their eCAD solutions. Interestingly enough, the same is true for… Read More »

ETL and Encompass

There’s no way around it. Integrating any sort of software into your Enterprise that aggregates data from multiple sources means one thing: ETL. Three simple letters that inspire exasperated sighs from developers, aggravation for DBAs, and headaches for Project Management. At Perception, we understand the pain and aggravation ETL can add to the software adoption process, and we… Read More »