Moving Engineering closer to the Edge of the Envelope

In a Forbes article Robert Frost, an Instructor and Flight controller at NASA, respond to the question “How did we lose the technology to go to the Moon?” Apollo CSM/LEM Model from a Mission Reconstruction The article highlights some really important points. First, 90% of what we are creating comes from products built previously. Second,… Read More »

Factory of the Future and Model based Engineering

The way electronic products are being developed is evolving into a much more collaborative environment.  To be successful with a new product development no longer means identifying all the requirements upfront and then water falling through the execution phases. Things are changing and iterative approaches are becoming the norm. Along with the expectation of supporting… Read More »

Retiring legacy systems, while keeping the data active

Legacy systems happen to all business as they mature. Regardless of the thoroughness of the planning, eventually changes in the business create a need to retire older systems. This need requires decisions to be made relative to legacy systems and preserving their related data. One frequent cause of server retirement is the cost of renewing software… Read More »

Trusting Data

Modern Day Information George Carlin had an excellent piece on the meaning of words. He said that, “Words are not offensive by themselves, it’s the context that makes them offensive”. Similar concept applies to information feeds such as newspapers, books, television, Internet etc. People that create or provide the information might have a variety of… Read More »

The tensions between Engineering and the Business

 Tension is a balancing act The word tension tends to carry a negative connotation. This is especially true when trying to accomplish an important task. However, tension doesn’t always have to be bad. For example, the art of walking a tightrope could not occur without tension. This tension creates a balance allowing people to perform magnificent acts like… Read More »