The Birth of an Application Causes a Cultural Shift in Parts Reuse – Part II

The Cisco story doesn’t end with my last blog post. Not only did the Cisco culture begin to change after the adoption of Encompass, but also there were additional benefits that arose because of the implementation of intelligent navigation.

Other success outcomes from the deployment of intelligent navigation for parts discovery were:

  1. Improvements in the overall supply chain design where reuse increased the volume of specific parts ordered giving the company negotiation leverage with vendors, improved quality and reduced risk.
  2. Users in Legal, Supply Chain, Quality, Product Operations, Support and Service teams became active users of the Encompass platform although they were not the intended audience initially. For example, if there is a recall, EOL or intellectual property action on a part, any Encompass user can find this information very quickly by performing a simple search. There was minimal training needed and the ease of use enabled users to find information on their own and make an informed decision. With prior applications, the users would send requests to an ‘expert’ to retrieve this information and wait hours, if not days, to get what they needed.
  3. Encompass increased the success rate and lowered costs in IT application and data migration projects.  Since Encompass connected to all of the data, the application migration projects only required the migration of active data since both the active and inactive data can be viewed together. An example would be the migration of new data into Oracle Agile PLM. If Encompass is utilized properly, only the current active BOM’s need to be imported into Agile with the legacy parts data.
  4. Cost and head count savings were also achieved by allowing rapid EOL of legacy applications by Encompass connecting directly to the database of an application.

What is next for the Encompass navigation solution? Mobility. Teams in the field will soon be able to find the parts used in any product from a mobile device. The goal is to improve support response times while reducing truck rolls and costs. For Cisco, the cultural shift continues as more and more sectors adopt the Encompass solution and find new ways to improve the company’s overall operations.

Posted by Nando Ramamirtham