Moving Engineering closer to the Edge of the Envelope

In a Forbes article Robert Frost, an Instructor and Flight controller at NASA, respond to the question “How did we lose the technology to go to the Moon?” Apollo CSM/LEM Model from a Mission Reconstruction The article highlights some really important points. First, 90% of what we are creating comes from products built previously. Second,… Read More »

Perception Software announces major upgrade to EDAConnect

EDAConnect eCAD Library Connector gains new high-performance parts search for Oracle Agile PLM AUSTIN, Texas – April 20, 2015 Perception Software announces an upgrade to its industry-leading EDAConnect solutions. eCAD Library Connector v. 3.4, available immediately, includes a high-performance search and discovery capability called AgileXPLORER.  With this upgrade, EDAConnect now offers a closed loop engineering… Read More »

The tensions between Engineering and the Business

 Tension is a balancing act The word tension tends to carry a negative connotation. This is especially true when trying to accomplish an important task. However, tension doesn’t always have to be bad. For example, the art of walking a tightrope could not occur without tension. This tension creates a balance allowing people to perform magnificent acts like… Read More »

Perception Software announces sponsorship of 2015 Oracle Value Chain Summit

AUSTIN, Texas – December 30, 2014 Perception Software (booth 113), silver sponsor for the Oracle Value Chain Summit in San Jose, Calif., Jan. 26-28, 2015, will highlight product data solutions for engineering and supply chain professionals in the manufacturing industry. “The OVCS is a perfect venue to connect with our customers, prospects, and partners in… Read More »

Mining more value out of your existing Agile PLM system* highlights five ways to extend the life of your car: Follow your vehicle’s service schedule Check the fluids and tire pressure regularly Go easy during start-up Listen for odd noises Lastly, one that is difficult for many, drive calmly On paper, this sage automobile advice makes sense to better leverage my investment, but what if… Read More »

Perception Software announces AgileXPLORER Free Edition for Oracle Agile PLM

AUSTIN, Texas—November 3, 2014 Perception Software today released AgileXPLORER Free Edition, an application that offers Amazon-like search results on product data housed inside of Oracle’s (NYSE:ORCL) Agile Product Lifecycle Management solution. AgileXPLORER Free Edition enables the user to quickly navigate to key product data in order to make better and faster decisions. “This solution has… Read More »

Perception Software Announces Encompass 
Application Support for Oracle Linux

AUSTIN, Texas—May 28, 2014 Perception Software revealed this week its Encompass application will now allow support for Oracle Linux, which provides Perception’s customers with an essential platform for critical product data applications. Oracle Linux brings the latest Linux innovations to market, delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications and systems, along with… Read More »

Perception Software’s Chief Executive Officer Darryl Worsham to attend the Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Headline: AUSTIN, Texas – June 2, 2014 Perception Software’s Chief Executive Officer Darryl Worsham to attend the Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, June 3-5, 2014. What: Manufacturing Leadership Summit is a conference where dozens of manufacturing leaders share ideas, build community and learn about technological innovations. Who: Manufacturing Leadership Council is hosting the… Read More »

The Birth of an Application Causes a Cultural Shift in Parts Reuse – Part II

The Cisco story doesn’t end with my last blog post. Not only did the Cisco culture begin to change after the adoption of Encompass, but also there were additional benefits that arose because of the implementation of intelligent navigation. Other success outcomes from the deployment of intelligent navigation for parts discovery were: Improvements in the… Read More »