Enhances Users Experience with Oracle Agile PLM

Whether you are a veteran of Agile PLM or a first-time user, AgileXPLORER simplifies the search, navigation and discovery process without having to know exactly what you are looking for. This high-performance search and discovery solution is easy enough to use that both business and technical users will find significant value in its capabilities.


Navigating to imperative data…fast and easy

No training required! With AgileXPLORER, it’s as simple as entering a search term or clicking a catalog item. The intelligent search-based application responds instantly by compiling results and other relevant data from Agile PLM. It discovers and delivers comprehensive information including searching across all Agile PLM objects as well as showing you the results of the Agile PLM history tab. Lastly, quickly browse documents with the AgileXPLORER preview option that allows the user to get a snippet of the documents to speed up the decision making process.

Leveraging your Agile PLM system

The power of Agile PLM is its ability to manage the product process. The power of AgileXPLORER to give everyone access to the product data housed inside of Agile PLM improves the ROI on your PLM investment. Everyone in the product design and supply chain can now have instant access to the data they need to make better decisions.

Up and running quickly

The installation and configuration is a simple, wizard driven process. You can install and configure AgileXPLORER yourself, or get help from Perception Software or our partners: Inspirage or Zero-Wait-State.

AgileXPLORER extension modules

New Part Request Module

Can’t find the part you are looking for? Don’t let the stress of meeting all the requirements and work involved get to you. With Perception’s New Part Request Module, leverage the intelligent information you’ve already captured in your search queries to streamline the NPR process to automate the information required by Oracle Agile PLM. Now, engineering can rapidly request a part and supply chain can be assured that compliance to the policy will be enforced with the NPR module.

Silicon Expert Module

The Silicon Expert module allow the user to see a parallel search result set from both the data in Agile as well as the millions of components available in Silicon Expert, effectively turning AgileXPLORER into a window to both your enterprise data as well as the universe of components available through Silicon Expert.

See the AgileXPLORER Data Sheet