Perception Software’s mission is to make manufacturers more productive by delivering navigation solutions to product and support decision-makers, helping them design, build and support great products. 

We believe in innovation and our solutions are purpose-built, designed to deliver useful, relevant product data quickly.  We provide a more cost-effective, easier to implement option to users, IT and executives in design, operations and supply chain, allowing them to drive new efficiency in their product development and support processes while improving quality.

Perception Software is dedicated to helping today’s manufacturers become more competitive in an increasingly challenging global economy. 

Perception Software Corporate Values

We are truth tellers: Integrity matters.

We encourage curiosity: Great ideas come from lots of places.

We respect the individual: We go after issues and opportunities.

The team comes first: There is you and I but mostly there is US.

Promises made, promises kept:  Just do it!

Transparency in process: Accountability to shareholders, customers, employees and our communities.