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Announcing AgileXPLORER

Perception Software and Oracle have teamed up to introduce AgileXPLORER to allow everyone involved in the product supply chain to have instant access to Oracle Agile PLM’s comprehensive product and related data. Read the Press Release here.
AgileXPLORER Overview

Enterprise Solutions

  • New Product Introduction

    Building a new product means accessing the right information – no matter how much there is, or in how many places. Encompass helps product decision makers quickly find the right product information quickly, to make decisions that reduce product costs and make a competitive difference.


  • Product

    To help keep engineering and manufacturing aligned with the business, product operations needs a complete view of the entire product process. Encompass collects BOM data and other information to aid in reducing product costs by maximizing reuse and leveraging preferred suppliers.


  • Legacy Data Transformation

    Need to end-of-life legacy applications while keeping the data in them alive? Encompass eliminates the care and feeding of these applications while making it possible to continue to leverage the knowledge they contain. Encompass provides all the data access required, at very low cost.