Encompass Engineering

Helping engineers get more done more easily, and helping companies get more products to market more quickly.

Here’s the problem. A product engineer can’t even begin to build a new product – or optimize an existing one, for that matter – without first tracking down a ton of information that’s scattered through a multitude of disparate systems. What kind of LED would work here? Do we already have one? What products is it in? Is it any good? Maybe Paul knows. And even after spending hours – or longer – there’s no guarantee of getting the right information.

Delivering critical information to engineers fast

With Encompass Engineering, all an engineer has to do is enter a search term or click on an item in a catalog. The intelligent search-based application responds by instantly compiling BOM and other relevant data from ERP, PLM, CAD and other internal and external systems to which the company is connected. It aggregates, discovers and delivers comprehensive information for the engineer – everything from a list of parts that match the search term, to where they’ve been used, to suppliers and much more. So the engineer gets all the information that’s needed to make an intelligent decision about a part, in a single view, through a single sign-on.

Speeding time to market for products

The faster an engineer can get the component information needed for a product, the faster it can get into production and out the door. If that sounds awfully simple, it is. The hard part is finding a way to reduce product cycle times. And that’s where Encompass Engineering comes in. By cutting the time engineers need to engineer a product, it cuts the time a company needs to get the product to market.

Bringing quality up – and risk and costs down

When engineers reuse proven components that have already performed well in other products, they help to ensure that the product they’re working on will perform well, too. With BOM data and other information collected by Encompass Engineering, they can learn where components are already being used, how long they’ve been in place (or how quickly they’ve been abandoned), and other information that will shed light on the quality of a component they’re considering. They can also determine whether there’s more than one supplier, to reduce the risk of relying on a single source for a critical component. Reuse reduces costs, too, by eliminating the redundancy and waste that result from building components that already exist.

Integrating seamlessly with existing technology environments

IT will be happy to know that Encompass Engineering is delivered as an appliance, so it requires no special reengineering or reconfiguration of the processes and systems associated with product engineering. It also connects securely and seamlessly with existing data sources to collect, aggregate and deliver data to engineers without disrupting data flows or creating business risk.